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Medium – Read, write and share stories that matter Homepage About membership Sign inGet started Homepage Get startedGet startedHome Technology Culture Entrepreneurship Creativity Self Politics Media Productivity Design Popular More FeaturedThe Robot Strippers Are Coming! (…But Probably Not For Our Jobs.)When hypnotizing videos of robot strippers went viral just before Christmas, the internet was abuzz. (At least it was in my circles…the busty bruiser Your Cryptocurrency Masters Are Getting Hilariously Rich, and You’re NotThe revolution will be ushered in by young people who are also cryptocurrency millionaires. Oh wait, they may be broke already.The New York Times My Month in an Organic Frozen Food FactoryThe Perception of Benefits. The Monotony of Rules.Jonah Andrist Power to the PatientsRacing against his own genetic disorder, Onno Faber is giving people with rare diseases the tools to make medicine work for them.Grace RubensteinHuman Trafficking in the MidwestMark Guarino Chelsea Manning Does Not Belong In The SenateNicholas Grossman Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating SlackMIT Technology Review See all featured Hiring Remote Workers Made My Entire Team More ProductiveDaniel Sines Interesting ideas that set your mind in motion.Hear directly from the people who know it best. From tech to politics to creativity and more — whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered.Get startedLearn morePopular on Medium more The mystery of Jesus, the naked hippie dancerFor decades, William Jellett danced at gigs and festivals, and told people he was the Son of God. Then, it seemed, he disappeared.J.P. RobinsonJan 3 Why You’re Not Over Your ExThe idealized phantoms of our pastKris GageJan 16 Maybe Facebook Should Abandon the News Feed Altogether.By devaluing journalism, Facebook risks abandoning the public square. By becoming a true platform, it could *build* that square.John BattelleJan 15 The Hawaii Missile Alert Culprit: Poorly Chosen File NamesSaturday morning, January 13, 2018 at 8:09am Hawaii time, a staff member of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s (HIEMA) State Warning…Jared M. SpoolJan 16 Audio more Audio availableClean House, Clean Mind, Clean LifeA few months ago, I decided to change my life.Sílvia Bastos in More or LessJan 17 Audio availableMatriarchy, Now?My gender has made a right mess of things. Perhaps it’s time the women took over.Henry Wismayer in JeremiadJan 17 Audio availablePorn Tells Us How to Have Sex, And This is Killing LoveThe industry defines intimacy, sex, and marriage. This together with lack of meaningful sex-ed lessons in schools are slowly destroying…Orge CastellanoJan 8 Asking About My Reproductive Status Requires a Good Cheese Tray.I’ve been pretty pissed at my uterus this year. Girl is out of control. I am almost positive she’s trying to kill me. Hey, maybe we’ll end…Rachel LangerDec 19, 2017 Featured for members more Member preview I Was Sober EnoughI was sober enough to keep myself from falling off the platform and onto the tracks. Good girl, Madges. And I was overly observant to make…Ernio HernandezJan 17 Member preview Courts use algorithms to help determine sentencing, but random people get the same resultsNumbers aren’t always as impartial as they appear.Popular ScienceJan 18 Audio availableSmile, Your Face Is Now in a DatabaseHow airports and DHS are using facial recognition on travelersBenjamin PowersJan 10 Member preview The word of God: how AI is deified in the age of secularismFrom a church of AI to the cult of The Singularity, quasi-religious ideas are seeping into the way we talk about technologyThomas McMullan in Living in the MachineJan 18 Technology more Member preview The unlikely partnerships that are shaping the car industryPizza, ride-hailing and tech groups companies team up to explore business avenuesThe Financial TimesJan 18 Member preview Intel tries to recover lost ground after chip flaw debacleWorld’s biggest chipmaker was hit hardest by Meltdown and Spectre scareThe Financial TimesJan 18 Member preview How to tame the tech titansThe dominance of Google, Facebook and Amazon is bad for consumers and competitionThe EconomistJan 18 Member preview Google’s Self-Training AI Turns Coders Into Machine-Learning MastersAutomating the training of machine-learning systems could make AI much more accessible.MIT Technology ReviewJan 17 Member preview Courts use algorithms to help determine sentencing, but random people get the same resultsNumbers aren’t always as impartial as they appear.Popular ScienceJan 18 Creativity more Member preview The Result Of Writing EverydayThere are many benefits to writing daily, as many articles would have already explained. However, this article will be based off my own…Terri KueJan 18 Member preview How to Unlock Your Creative PotentialThree small ideas (and one really BIG one) to make 2018 your most creative year everJonathan Ely in How to Unlock Your Creative PotentialJan 18 Designers who play with wordsHow to use writing in your design processMelody QuintanaJan 16 Member preview HeadspaceThe space you need to create.Akshay GJan 17 Member preview Proofred! Profread! PROOFREAD!9 Tips for (Student) WritersMark Roy LongJan 17 Entrepreneurship more Member preview How to Create Multiple Income Streams From a Single Idea“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” — Beatrix PotterMelissa ChuJan 15 Member preview I just made $1,024.94In today’s media climate of collecting and selling eyeballs with “rage porn” and fake news, there aren’t a lot of ways to make a living…David KadavyJan 18 Member preview Silicon Valley’s founder factory‘Silicon Valley is lacking in one core area — a sense of entrepreneurial hustle’The Financial TimesJan 17 Why You Should Run Your Business BarefootThis post is part 1 of a 3-part series. See part 2 here and part 3 here.Nir EyalJan 11 Audio availableVenture Capital Is Ripe for DisruptionIt’s time to develop new sources of capital for founders to help them solve their customer problems and avoid venture capital’s massive…Luke Kanies in Understanding Venture CapitalJan 11 Culture more Member preview Sharing Salaries: How Actresses Are Fighting Hollywood’s Gender Pay Disparity With TransparencyAmid the #MeToo movement, women are chipping away at studio leverage and a longtime taboo by talking openly about their pay.The Hollywood ReporterJan 18 Member preview How Google created pop culture magic with the art selfie crazeBy Sebastian Smee When Google’s art selfie craze went mega-viral on the weekend, a moment of pure pop-culture magic unfurled before our…Washington PostJan 18 Dance that celebrates the beauty and history of black lifeMeet choreographer Camille A Brown, who boldly draws on the legacy of African-American social dance to explore contemporary black identity.Patrick D'ArcyJan 18 Member preview Maybe Men Will Be Scared for a WhileBut maybe to fear women is to begin seeing them as people.The CutJan 17 Member preview The shattered realities of William Gibson“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”Damien WalterJan 18 HelpStatusBlogCareersPrivacyTermsAbout

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