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A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share some of the best stuff on the web! — Everything, By Everyone 00:00 00:00 Newgrounds Login / Sign Up MoviesGamesAudioArtPortalCommunityYour Feed Featured Movies Past Features More Engineers delve into the unknown to secure Nevada's future. Action Madness: Artifact Jsoull The chase continues in this thrilling conclusion 6 years in the making! Action Paradigmadness 2 Jsoull The hot dog guy gets his time to shine in the world of insanity he resides in. Action Madness Frankfurterfication Twisted4000 The Final Wank Action Madness WhiteHank Collab 2: With Vengeance kRyy Legend of Tomato Action Legend of Tomato siskavard And you should too. Comedy - Original I Love Cats funymony An astronaut harms everyone again (mostly animatic) Comedy - Original Starship Goldfish Ep.2 - Classic Ghostworth (Animatic) StarshipGoldfish Shrek and Donkey on another adventure Comedy - Parody Shrek is Tired Rigamarole Johnny eats candy for the last goddamn time. Comedy - Parody Yes, Papa. Narmak A mysterious delivery disrupts Flap Jackson's regular TV viewing. Other c/o Flap Jackson JWLustig A patient's symptom surprises his doctor while tryes to inspects him. Comedy - Original Diagnóstico PichoBrazo Spongebob tries to find his spatula. Comedy - Parody Spongebob Squarepants: The Lost Episode - SUPERMEGA Animated uricksaladbar Featured Games Past Features More Be agile and grow big to overcome this game Shooter - Multidirectional Super Grower MrNannings A battle to become the Content God. Adventure - RPG Just Offline Friends BigBossErndog An NES style demake of Resident Evil 4 Shooter - Run 'n Gun Bio Evil 4 Gypopothomas Hotline Miami x Madness Combat Action - Other Madness: Sierra Nevada DEMO HeavyBro A suspiciously lifeless village... Adventure - Other It came from outside Nirag You play a 5-year old girl who wants to get a cookie. Any way she can. Adventure - Point 'n Click Meryll wants a Cookie LostAgainDev Wrong Turn is a simple procedurally generated, turn-based adventure game. Adventure - Other Wrong Turn FacemanFoothand Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns is a cute puzzle game about pastries. Puzzles - Falling Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns Krystman A Bitsy-inspired short horror game Adventure - Other The Horror Game With a Working Title JeffreyDriver take part in greatest gameshow in universe in this fast paced platformer Platformer - Hop and Bop Super Space 3000 Yaro11111 Build a minecart track to avoid a grisly crash! Skill - Avoid Minecart Mayhem wjhollyart Your ship ran aground. Can you craft, mine and build your way to survival? Adventure - RPG Aground davidmaletz Featured Art Past Features More by Rhunyc by Cymbourine by omenakettu by Tarantulaben by ChazDude by ScepterDPinoy by FuShark by jcarignan443 by Mexican64 by Imrie by SnackerBoy by FuShark by aap by Rodri-W by Sony-Shock by GuiserGestalt by Namenlos by EduardBey Featured Audio Past Features More Madness Instigation by DESHIEL Song Video Game DESHIEL PLAY Chains Impale My Spirit (MD2018) by Lich Song Industrial Lich PLAY Radix by SimonViklund Song Video Game SimonViklund PLAY The Djjaner (Extended MD2018 edition) by Djjaner Song Drum N Bass Djjaner PLAY This Is Madness (M:SN DEMO OST) by CryNN Song Drum N Bass CryNN PLAY Paradigmatic by Cryono77 Song Techno Cryono77 PLAY Featured Series & Collections All Collections All Series Sublo & Tangy Mustard A series about two stupid street mascots for a struggling sub sandwich shop. Sexy Ugly Jam Animations about sexy people doing ugly things. Zombie Games Games with plenty of zombies! Overwatch Parodies and tributes of Overwatch! Video Game Parodies Parodies of all your favorite video games, whether 8-bit, 16-bit or a bazillion bits! Construct Jam 2018 Games with the theme, "You are not the main character." Game Dev Platforms Showcase of games made with various development tools. Ludum Dare 42 Games with the theme, "Running out of space." MMO RPGs More Wartune is an epic hybrid turn-based RPG/strategy game. Adventure - RPG Wartune R2Games Awaken the angels, Join the league! League of Angels R2Games The first and only Naruto browser-game in the world officially licensed by Bandai Namco. Adventure - RPG Naruto Online NarutoEN Team up with your friends as you slash through enemies, gain new equipment, and level up. Adventure - RPG Helmet Heroes robscherer123 Get ready for a technological war for resources! Strategy - Other Battle for the Galaxy AMT-Games The best of MMOs and classic 2D platformers. Adventure - RPG Lunaria Story R2Games Befriend and train dragons to help defeat the invading demon horde in this exciting MMORPG Adventure - RPG Dragon Pals R2Games Build and battle mechs! Fighting - VS Super Mechs Tacticsoft TomFulp Double XP Saturday, Voting Overhaul Oct 01 - NG Remix Contest Deadline Oct 01 - What's in the Basement? Deadline Oct 15 - Crypt Shyfter Short Story Deadline Nov 07 - Smash Collab Deadline (Apply First) Nov 13 - Midwest Meetup P-Bot's Daily Picks Comments Paradigmadness 2 by Jsoull The chase continues in this thrilling conclusion 6 years in the making! Movie 2,632 Views (Ages 13+) Madness WhiteHank Collab 2: With Vengeance by kRyy The Final Wank Movie 1,330 Views (Ages 13+) The Mario Bros. (Venture Bros. Parody) by Marioshi64 Back from the dead to re-establish my love for Nintendo and Adult in one swoop! Movie 753 Views (Everyone) Kilroy Madness 2 by Diotoons Part 2 Movie 1,047 Views (Ages 13+) Madness Frankfurterfication by Twisted4000 The hot dog guy gets his time to shine in the world of insanity he resides in. Movie 1,198 Views (Ages 17+) Artist News More News from funymony: WHAT I'M UP TO! (New cartoon and a BUNCH of doodles!) from LeafWorthy: Portraits and Game! from Sijbren: Post 2#: Action Plan from Johnopotamus: I NEED VOICES (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED) from HadenDA: "Making out with a baby.." from SirLenward: Voice Actors/Music/Rawest Forest Collab from oldmanorange: Silent Evil a Survival Horror Podcast from kungfuspacebarbarian: surprise motherfuckers! Best New Games & Movies! 2 million A.H.E. [After Human Extinction] MV - Crazed Side Music by TheCrazedSide Strange song I made paired with a weird visual. Movie 157 Views (Everyone) The Mansion Incidnet by Rather-Animated 1998 the event that started it all. Movie 191 Views (Ages 17+) stop motion madness day shorts by Nicholas-Williamson i made this for madness day but i was too late to make it Movie 260 Views (Everyone) GemsConnect by gonzos Connect at least 3 identical gems Game 234 Views (Everyone) Madness Bodyless 4 by Djjaner Heads are back on WW2 topic Movie 692 Views (Ages 17+) ANNETTE WRITES AGAIN!! - Episode 6 - PANDEMON!UM by RyzoJ89 EPISODE 6 Movie 277 Views (Ages 17+) The Matriarch vs Incelsior by Slumma Uhh.. they fight? Movie 185 Views (Ages 13+) Pike and the Sea Pumpkin Problem by JacobLenstar A pesky Sea Pumpkin eats Pike's kelp garden. Movie 227 Views (Everyone) Orbisea Episode 2 by xaalster Solias Lance bears bad news for his old partner in arms Movie 153 Views (Everyone) Cubethon by Kanay2005 Control a Red Cube to move past obstacles Game 222 Views (Everyone) Super roommates episode 3 by Ronanimation Chipmunk boy goes to jail Movie 165 Views (Everyone) Mario Bros Improvables: Episode 1: Tampons by STANNco Mario Bros Improv session. Movie 135 Views (Ages 17+) Latest Games Movies Your votes determine whether these games and movies stay or go! The more you vote, the more powerful your votes become. 01 Ethan, Escape! (beta 2) Featured web games! FEATURED CONTENT GamesMoviesAudioArtChannelsUsers WhatANobody Im back! (Somewhat) Master-Sweez Godslayer novel re-release FEDEV *notices your madness day* DanTheAssassin Current Situation aalpacaa Madness day SnackerBoy Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks! Just $2.99 per month or $25 per year. 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